Private Residence

houses are collaborations with an emphasis on attentive listening. Through details and materials I maximize the homeowner's connection with their site and natural surroundings. I help clients understand the design at all stages of its evolution using classic techniques such as physical models combined with advanced digital tools. The houses are as livable as they are beautiful.

Interior Design

Whether a private residence for a young growing family or a condominium tower with resort-like amenities, functionality is enhanced through careful understanding of daily activities while refinements in architecture and signature detailing allow for a heightened sense of presence and spatial perception.      

Residential Area Development

Our experience is derived from the time living, working, and studying in cities around the globe. We believe that creating walkable, verdant and mixed-use neighbourhoods are key to positively improving our environment, our economies, and our social well-being. The role is to design unique, innovative, and effective housing solutions for a diverse society. 

Industrial Architecture

Our world is changing at a dramatic rate; and the impact on every industry is unprecedented. With limited resources and ever-increasing demands, Industrial facilities must be flexible, functional, efficient and resilient. We help our clients make informed decisions, mitigate risks and keep projects on track through engagement, collaboration and an integrated approach to design.

Retail _ Consumer Products

A seamless exchange between the customer, the brand, the product, and the sales associate creates a frictionless experience independent of platform and sits at the core of consumer products success. We design stores as the home of the sales associate, and the customers are their invited guests. Our environments invoke all five senses, and the designs are holistic from signage to service. We develop a unique strategy that answers the “why?” and delivers on the “what?”

Food & Beverage

Multible Locations STARBUCKS COFFEE
As a world-famous brand of coffee houses, Starbucks continues expanding in Switzerland. We have worked with the brand since 2011, manageing comeplete projects for more than 40 locations, from permit phase to completion with a fixed price and timeline.

Brand Development

Our signature approach to creating modern, high-performance interiors uniquely suited to the brands it helps to develop. The firm’s extensive experience in implementing projects in  Europe, enables it to provide architectural and interior design expertise as well as strategic guidance in all aspects of design including master planning and redevelopment initiatives.  

POS Development

As strategists and designers working with manufacturers, we leverage this knowledge and application-based viewpoint to boost a product’s commercial appeal and optimise end-user experience.

Project Management

Workplace Consulting

Real Estate Consulting